Transformation TMO into PME

TMO and medical education research have a long history in the Netherlands and Flanders. TMO was first  published in 1982, and has developed into a peer reviewed journal with 6 issues published annually. Currently the Journal has more than 1200 subscriptions. Since the journal is published in Dutch, however, opportunities to reach an internationally orientated readership are inevitably limited. This clearly constitutes a barrier to broadening the scope of the journal and to enhancing its appeal to the increasingly internationally orientated health professions education community. Moreover, by transforming TMO into Perspectives on Medical Education we will be able to offer international authors an additional option for publication. Although we are aware that the number of medical education journals is quite substantial, we do believe that an international TMO will have added value, giving Dutch medical education a place in the international arena thereby widening the views of both our Dutch and international readers.